Best Tips and Methods for Conceiving a Boy Naturally

Conceiving a Boy NaturallyHow to Conceive a Baby Boy Naturally – All the tips and methods for conceiving a boy – Download our PDF Guide for FREE

If you’re reading this article, it means you’re trying to get pregnant with a boy and you’re looking for some tips and natural methods. Well, I presented a few in the previous articles, like the Jonas Methods, or ovulation timing and diet tips, but if you’re really looking for some detailed info, you should check the “Prince or Princess” program, by Alicia Pennington (click here to download the book in PDF format). In my opinion, it is without any doubt, the best pregnancy guide available today, a step-by-step guide which presents all the best methods, tested and proven scientifically to work. let’s face it, the testimonies from thousands of happy couples, which used the program and succeeded in conceiving a boy or a girl, say everything about the effectiveness of the methods presented in the book.

I’m not paid to recommend this book or anything, it’s just that I purchased it, I followed the instructions accordingly and I managed to give birth to a beautiful boy, after having 2 little girls. You can’t imagine the happiness my husband and I lived when the doctor said that we’re going to have a boy (click here to discover the methods and factors that influence the gender of the conceived baby). Well, the book won’t guarantee you a 100% success guarantee, but the average is about 94% which, let’s face it, it quite in your favor. As far as I know, there’s no method that can guarantee you 100% success rate, not even the artificial, laboratory methods that cost thousands of bucks. Continue reading

Conceiving a Boy: Ovulation Timing

How to Conceive a Boy

How to Conceive a Boy

During my research on “how to conceive a boy“, I found out that ovulation timing is one of the factors you’ll want to consider. It’s not the most crucial factor, but hey, every little bit helps, right? What “ovulation timing” means with respect to baby gender selection is timing when you have intercourse in relation to ovulation (click here to find out more about ovulation timing).

So, the question is should you have intercourse close the time the egg is release or a few days after? If you’re trying to conceive a son, try to have intercourse as close to ovulation as possible. The means as soon as you think your about to ovulate (You can usually tell a few days prior. See the tips below.), have intercourse. Then, at the latest, have it again when you’re fairly certain the egg has been released. Continue reading

How to Conceive a Boy: The Importance of the Diet

Did you know what you eat can affect whether you conceive a boy or a girl? Studies have shown correlations between what a woman eats and the gender she conceives (click here to download a PDF which reveals everything you need to know about this diet). Again, remember, it may be the sperm that determines the baby’s gender, but it’s the conditions in Mom-to-be’s body that determines which sperm (male Y or female X) reaches the egg. And your diet affects those conditions. So without further ado, here are some diet tips and foods to eat to conceive a boy.

Alkali (Low pH) Diet for Conceiving a Baby Boy

Keep in mind that “boy sperm” are more fragile than “girl sperm,” so they can’t live as long in an acidic environment. An acidic (high pH) reproductive tract favors X sperm. Our Y guys have a better chance in an alkali (low pH). To increase your body’s alkalinity, avoid acidic foods and eat more alkaline foods. The good news is that most fresh veggies and fruits are alkali. If you’re really serious about this, you can monitor your pH level with saliva test strips that tell you your pH level. Continue reading

Intercourse Positions to Conceive a Boy

The way you make love may affect whether you conceive a boy or a girl. The reason has to do with the life span of male Y sperm versus female X sperm. Male sperm are faster than female sperm, but they live for a percentage of the time of the X’s. That means if the sperm have to travel a long distance to reach the egg, it’s likely only female sperm will live long enough to go the distance. In a short race, though, the faster boy sperm are most likely to “win.”

So, in order to increase your chances to conceive a boy, you want to shorten the distance the sperm have to travel. You can do that with deep penetration intercourse positions (click here to discover the best sex positions for conceiving a boy). The good ol’ missionary position is fine if the woman raises her pelvis by bringing her knees up to her chest or resting her legs on the man’s shoulders. Placing a pillow under the woman’s bottom will make that easier. Depending on your preferences, however, there are some other positions you might want to try. Continue reading

The Jonas Method for Conceiving a Boy

The Jonas Method was started by Dr. Eugen Jonas in part to avoid unwanted pregnancies that might end in abortion.  Dr. Jonas felt that if women were given a natural alternative to contraception that worked, it would help couples plan their family more easily and avoid abortion.  As it turned out, the Jonas Method also works well in allowing couples to conceive a child of the sex they desire. It is said to be more than 97% accurate in achieving the results desired.   Many couples, either looking forward to a first child, or perhaps with several girls already, will want to have a boy.  The Jonas Method will help them achieve this goal.

The Jonas Method believes that a woman will be able to conceive a boy if she has intercourse with her husband on certain days of the month (click here to find out more about how to conceive a boy).  At these times, the condition of the endometrium (the lining of the uterus) will be conducive to the conception of a boy.  For this to be effective, a very detailed chart of the woman’s cycle must be made.

This method is also called the Lunar Method, as Dr. Jonas believed that the phases of the moon were important throughout a woman’s reproductive life.  According to the Jonas Method, the phase that the moon was in at the time of a woman’s birth will influence her fertility cycle.  This will hold for the remainder of her life.  As such, an accurate chart will include the phase of the moon that occurred when the woman was born.

The Jonas Method will be able to predict, through the data received, on which days of the month the woman will be able to conceive only a boy.  A calendar is made that will highlight the target day.  According to this method, the three days preceding the target day will also be excellent days to conceive a boy.  This calendar will provide the information needed not only for the current conception, but also for the next several pregnancies, if more are planned.  By allowing couples to have a boy when they wish, it will promote happier families and avoid disappointment.

Under the Jonas Method, basal body temperature is not needed, nor are douches of any kind.  Also, the Jonas Method claims that if the woman’s peak days fall in her menstrual period, conception of a boy can occur.  This method might be of special interest to couples who are looking for a natural way to conceive a boy.